Todd Marco

President and Project Manager of Landscape Construction & Masonry

Todd’s green passions have been growing for even longer than the twenty years he’s spent as a member of the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association. He’s nurtured his SMTC horticulture degree with the continued learning and experiences that earned him a Nurseryman of the Year award from his peers. The same joy he feels for the hunting, camping, and fishing trips he takes to explore Maine’s wild places makes him a natural fit for his role in helping to shepherd the growth of Gnome. Todd extends the same warmth he shares with his wife and three children to each of the Gnome coworkers he considers as his “second family.”

Chace Campbell

Vice President and Director of Estate Gardening & Maintenance

Chace’s love of landscaping has been growing since he dug into his first job at Gnome when he was 17 years old. Since then, he’s built upon the practical knowledge learned in the field with college studies in horticulture and the B.S. in Business Administration he earned with distinction as a summa cum laude grad. Chace’s firsthand knowledge of plants, people, and landscaping practices has granted him expert operational oversight of Gnome and the staff he partners with to fulfill its mission. Chace lives on a small farm in New Gloucester with his wife Jennifer and their three children, Freeman, Bennett and baby Poppy.  Together, they enjoy working in the garden, living off the land, and sharing their passion for the great, green world.

Bryn Richard

Maine Licensed Landscape Architect

Bryn’s love of landscape design blossomed early during her childhood in Charleston, SC. Since then she has flourished as a landscape designer for more than 20 years, working with homeowners to create beautiful landscapes that enhance their quality of life. Bryn is a graduate of Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Asian Studies. She also holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Bryn is particularly interested in promoting sustainable practices in landscape architecture and finds design inspiration in the natural world. She loves functional design and orchestrating plantings that change with the seasons.

Amanda Hawes

Landscape Designer

Amanda believes that good landscape design can foster deep and meaningful connections with the places we call home. Her work draws upon a passion for native plants and the benefits they bring to people and the environment, as well as her desire to help homeowners create outdoor spaces that are beautiful, functional, and resilient. Amanda brings her lifelong love of Maine’s natural landscape to each design, with a goal of incorporating a space for nature that works in harmony with each client’s yard. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys hiking, kayaking, and working on her own ever-expanding home garden in Portland. Her fieldwork in landscaping is complemented by a Masters in Ecological Landscape Design from the Conway School and a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Southern Maine.

Lisa Kiley

Office Administrator & Receptionist

As the voice of Gnome, Lisa is the key to keeping customer connections going—and growing. But her talents for keeping all aligned range far beyond the phone. Lisa’s responsibilities include everything from activating contracts for Gnome’s estate department to her digital duties entering payroll and billable hours. New staff rely upon Lisa for the knowledge that guides them in completing the paperwork that puts them in the field. After hours, she shares that same warm style with the family and friends who join her in the golfing, gardening, and other adventures that fuel Lisa’s love of the great green world beyond Gnome’s door.


Neil Hutchings


Neil has been involved with the team at Gnome Landscapes for over 14 years. He has worked in numerous field positions at Gnome. This diverse work experience is what allows him to excel in his current position as Gnome’s purchaser. Neil has a BS in business administration from USM. This degree also helps him with his day to day activities. He enjoys the unique challenges of his job but most of all he loves finding the right stone or plant material to bring the designer or client’s vision to life. If you can’t find Neil at work, chances are you will find him on the golf course or out and about with his family.


Denise Burnell

Bookkeeper/HR Manager

Denise Burnell is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine with a degree in business. She has over 13 yrs. experience in the field of Human Resources and bookkeeping. Her experience and proficiency in business/health insurance, 401k plans, Payables/Receivables allows her to interact with all aspects of the company. Denise knows that communication and connecting with each individual is key to the success of team building. Denise has 3 boys, and when she is not working she enjoys spending time with them doing outdoor activities, such as gardening, camping, hiking and snowshoeing. Her passion for outdoor gardening has continued to flourish since joining the Gnome team in January 2017.

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